Art Walk at Laura Ashton Cellars!

Hello Friends!

The Woodinville Arts Alliance is presenting The Art Experience Art Walk! Please come see my personal works of fine art photography on Friday December 6th 5-8pm at Laura Ashton Cellars in Hollywood Hill during the St. Nick’s Holiday Wine Weekend!

Framed artwork and small prints for purchase!

Come have a glass of wine with me! I will have small appetizers to share too!

Mark your calendars!

I would love to see you!

xo, Chelle



4th of July Festivities

4th of July Festivities

Film portraits at the local Celebrate Woodinville parade 2018. I was drawn towards The daughters of the American Revolution group as I  was fascinated by the historical clothing and the thoughtfulness to its period and their lineage.

Photographed on Ilford HP5 ISO 400

Hasselblad 500cm

As we get ready to celebrate with friends and loved ones for the 4th of July, the diction of a letter from John Adams to Abigail Adams a year after the independence. We don’t write letters like this anymore and you know his penmanship was impeccable.

My dear Daughter Philadelphia, July 5th, 1777

Yesterday, being the anniversary of American Independence, was celebrated here with a festivity and ceremony becoming the occasion.  I am too old to delight in pretty descriptions, if I had a talent for them, otherwise a picture might be drawn, which would please the fancy of a Whig, at least. The thought of taking any notice of this day, was not conceived, until the second of this month, and it was not mentioned until the third. It was too late to have a sermon, as every one wished, so this must be deferred another year.
Congress determined to adjourn over that day, and to dine together. The general officers and others in town were invited, after the President and Council, and Board of War of this State.

In the morning the Delaware frigate, several large gallies, and other continental armed vessels, the Pennsylvania ship and row gallies and guard boats, were all hawled off in the river, and several of them beautifully dressed in the colours of all nations, displayed about upon the masts, yards, and rigging.

At one o’clock the ships were all manned, that is, the men were all ordered aloft, and arranged upon the tops, yards, and shrowds, making a striking appearance-of companies of men drawn up in order, in the air.

Then I went on board the Delaware, with the President and several gentlemen of the Marine Committee, soon after which we were saluted with a discharge of thirteen guns, which was followed by thirteen others, from each other armed vessel in the river; then the gallies followed the fire, and after them the guard boats. Then the President and company returned in the barge to the shore, and were saluted with three cheers, from every ship, galley, and boat in the river. The wharves and shores, were lined with a vast concourse of people, all shouting and huzzaing, in a manner which gave great joy to every friend to this country, and the utmost terror and dismay to every lurking tory.

At three we went to dinner, and were very agreeably entertained with excellent company, good cheer, fine music from the band of Hessians taken at Trenton, and continual vollies between every toast, from a company of soldiers drawn up in Second-street before the city tavern, where we dined. The toasts were in honour of our country, and the heroes who have fallen in their pious efforts to defend her. After this, two troops of light-horse, raised in Maryland, accidentally here in their way to camp, were paraded through Second-street, after them a train of artillery, and then about a thousand infantry, now in this city on their march to camp, from North Carolina. All these marched into the common, where they went through their firings and manoeuvres; but I did not follow them. In the evening, I was walking about the streets for a little fresh air and exercise, and was surprised to find the whole city lighting up their candles at the windows. I walked most of the evening, and I think it was the most splendid illumination I ever saw; a few surly houses were dark; but the lights were very universal. Considering the lateness of the design and the suddenness of the execution, I was amazed at the universal joy and alacrity that was discovered, and at the brilliancy and splendour of every part of this joyful exhibition. I had forgot the ringing of bells all day and evening, and the bonfires in the streets, and the fireworks played off.
Had General Howe been here in disguise, or his master, this show would have given them the heart-ache. I am your affectionate father,
John Adams


American Memory: Remaining Collections, Library of Congress,


Spring Break Pinhole

Well this was a fun trip and exercise of developing color negative film.

When you live in a rainy state, I always appreciate the sunny getaways when I can. For Spring break this year, my family spent a few warm and sunny days in SoCal.

Self Portrait Processed with VSCO

I brought some film and my little Diana F+ however, I really never got the hang of using it, because of the way the film winds and sometimes I’m impatient with myself without really knowing that I am. I really need to find patience with myself.

Anyway, this was my second attempt at developing color negative film. I photographed using 120 Cinestill film (which I love by the way) I used Arista C-41 developer.

In using my little fun plastic camera, I did some fun pinhole at Balboa Pier and one of my favorite places to get centered which is in San Juan Capistrano.

I think I worked out the kinks with my Diana F+ and can’t wait to do more. As a bonus while with my family in Laguna Beach, I didn’t know I was in the presence of Austin Keene and friends. They sure do make skim surfing easy!

Ghost Tour & the Orb

It being a slow start of portrait season, I’ve had some free time lately to do some reflecting and just thinking. Thinking about obscure stuff. I tend to watch those paranormal shows like A Haunting, Ghost Adventures and Dead files to name a few. I find those shows entertaining and thought provoking. I think about life after death and the whole “meaning of life” questions. There are a lot of ghost stories out there, though I have never experienced anything with the supernatural, I ponder the thought, “are some ghosts or spirits wandering among the living?”

Port Gamble Cemetery

I think about my mom a lot since her passing. I wonder if she hears me? Sees me? Is guiding me?

Fun fact, is my mom did grow up in a haunted house. She never really spoke of her experiences other than it scared the bejesus out of her. Other family members have witnessed and also experienced the spirits in my grandparent’s house as well. It was said there was an old woman and a little girl.  Though I spent many of my childhood days there, I never experienced such encounters.

What brought on this thought of ghost stories is, a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook and I immediately became intrigued. It was Port Gamble’s The Walker-Ames House and I commented on her post that I want to go do the tour!

Not knowing the number of people who would be in attendance, I really didn’t expect to experience anything creepy or unusual per se, but deep down I was hoping to. Any who, we met with our tour guide, and he regaled us with story-telling, whilst standing, and walking. We started our tour in the historic museum which was very cool, then worked our way up to the local cemetery which was even cooler because we got to walk the grounds in the dark! Lucky for us, there was a wedding reception in the building that is alongside the cemetery it was fun listening to the “Macarena” while looking at headstones with flashlights in hand. What an interesting juxtaposition of life if you ask me.

The highlight of the tour was being able to go inside the Walker-Ames House and hearing its history and the people who lived in that home. It is a beautiful Victorian home with stunning textiles and woodwork. I was hoping to experience a presence. Alas, there was none to be had, I was a little bummed, but I appreciated the grandeur of the home.

After sorting through my images, I noticed something that was odd that I captured. I noticed an orb. What is an orb? I hear that terminology a lot with ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. So checking with the inter-webs, I look up the term. The technical definition is a noun: any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions. But what does it mean in ghost or spirit terms? I have no clue. I don’t know what I captured but either way it’s rad as there were no other anomalies in the rest of the images, nor did I feel the energy at the home. There was more action at the cemetery, Macarena and all.

If you’re a pro paranormal expert, what are your thoughts on the orb?


After a long rainy season, there was a break in this gloomy month of January with a little warmth from the sun.

I’ve been M.I.A. in my photographing in the new year, due to a few life changes. Who knew menopause plus a job loss would rock my world. I’m still suffering through anxiety, depression and figuring out where I fit in in this big old world, but I continue to find holistic relief where I can. One of treatments being pinhole. This slowed down process lets me find joy again and reflect what my goals are for the future as an artist while possibly leaving a career with no growth behind me in the rear view mirror.

I want this second stage of my life to be better than the first.

5 minute exposure

I would say most people resonate emotion with art. Why is that? We go through these changes and try to make sense of these fragmented times in our lives.

Taking my pinhole camera out about for a walk on Cottage Lake, loaded with three sheets of film. I wanted to see what I could capture in this beautiful breezy moment. For me it’s cathartic.

6 minute exposure

Here is to healing days ahead with the help of a good clean diet, exercise, some film, developer and fixer.

Winemakers Dinner

I was once again asked to photograph the annual Auction of Washington Wines Winemakers Dinner. It was an amazing Pacific Northwest August evening that Mother Nature granted us a sweater-free evening. At a beautiful home on Hunts Point with lush landscape and an amazing lake front property.  Chef John Howie prepared decadent courses with outstanding pairings from Leonetti, Figgins and Betz Wineries.


While busy photographing the event, I was able to sneak in a few film shots.
I love this Ultrafine Xtreme black and white film and the result of the development. The contrast between the digital images I took versus the film has a nostalgia vibe that I’m totally diggin’.

To see the digital images you can visit here.



Ah pinhole.

What an awesome phenomenon of the camera obscura. I must admit I have been intimidated by the process and I am not sure why that is. Maybe its the exposure timing or maybe the developing process. Either way, I’m glad I did this patient process.

I made some notes for the lighting conditions, time of day and exposure times. So the next time I experiment, I hope to get a more clear picture.

5 minute exposure film

I was over ambitious with attempting to try and do pinhole astrophotography. Although I didn’t get the results I wanted, (which I’m not even sure what that was). I set up for an 6 hour exposure and come to find out I didn’t have enough developer so I got this funky bubble art.

6 hour exposure

Overall, I am so happy with the images. I find pinhole to be of a beautiful haunting result of an art that gives a powerful feeling and longing.