35mm Movie Maker

It is a very cold day in the Pacific Northwest and the weather couldn’t be any more gloomier. The wind is howling and loud and my hands are frozen as I forgot my gloves. The seagulls hover in place while the aroma of the salty air and spectacular views of Puget Sound reminds me of Seattle’s rich history of water way transportation.

That said, I decided to trek to one of my favorite areas. I love the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry landing to watch the commuters come and go, it’s a beautiful place to gather one’s thoughts.

In one of my trials using the LomoKino 35mm movie camera, I wanted to try out this contraption to expand on my analogue adventures. It was awkward to load the film and tough to use even though I had it on the tripod. The hand crank kept moving things around and there is no focus.

The other issue I had is a high tech feature that was supposed to be convenient by scanning the developed film and splice together a short video off a smart phone. It is a crying shame however, that the “Lomoscanner 2” app crashed after the first picture was taken, after all it hasn’t seen an update in over 3 years. The alternative was to take my developed the roll of film, and painstakingly scan each image and create the motion in Photoshop.

After going over my “lessons learned” with a warming hot cup of tea. I looked at the pin to the plate for my tripod, the thread appeared to be worn.  I debated on showing this clip, but I will try it again soon after making a few adjustments to get a more stable story to share.

Overall, I do love the concept and hope to do cool artistic wonders with this hand-held analogue movie maker.

Author: chellecaldwellphoto

I like making pictures.

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