The mood of springtime

The mood of springtime

How is everyone doing with the time change of springing forward? I am still adjusting and have been drinking more coffee than usual.

I spent some time in the studio doing some fun portraits over the weekend and when I was done I thought I would go afterwards to the flower store here in Woodinville. My favorite place to get inspired is wandering the big green house at Molbalks. The seasonal plants and home décor make me feel there is hope on the horizon for this girl.

When I see people and the moment, it’s a hard thing to do as far artistically document with a touch of photojournalism without interfering. Out of my comfort zone, but rising to the challenge with that famous quote by Robert Capa. “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough”.  Just a little food for thought.

Not with the intention of being a war or conflict photographer, I don’t know if I have the emotional ability to document the sad part of humanity, but rather focus on the beauty in front of me in plain sight.  Sometimes I day dream I’m a Magnum Photographer, but better yet, maybe a part of Magna Brava.


Kodak Portra 400
Woman admiring succulents

Photographed using 120 Kodak Portra 400

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I love living in the Pacific Northwest, but not so much when it is gloomy and raining. I love when the sun comes out, I appreciate it even more. The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely incredible. Note to self, I really need to make an effort one of these mornings to capture a sunrise when it isn’t raining either digital or film, but preferably film <wink-wink>.

Last summer, my husband Joel and I took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry and drove to Suquamish. What an absolutely quaint picturesque town. I don’t know what gave us the idea to go since it was quite a jaunt to get there from where we live, but what amazing scenery.

I moved here about 23 years ago and never knew a place like this existed. Growing up in Southern California, it was a constant of third stage smog alerts, cookie cutter nuclear family homes, and overall different quality of life. I digress…

Joel and I are driving through the Kitsap Peninsula, the weather is perfect! We stopped to dine for some delicious food at Sully’s Bistro Bar.  Sitting out on the deck looking at the peaceful water and boats drifting by made me want to know more about the Suquamish Tribe and their rich culture of Seattle and decided to venture to Chief Sealth’s headstone, whom the city was named after, but not before walking our dinner off by the dock where the crabbing was in full swing.

I am so glad I brought my Rollei loaded with Provia film and captured the work it takes for this feast!

To find out more about the Suquamish Tribe and Chief Sealth’s only known photograph, visit the Suquamish Tribe home page.

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Super Grain is Super Good

The beauty of film is in the eye of this beholder. It looks like I’m turning that well known phrase to suit my persona regarding this particular film of Ultrafine Xtreme. I have shot with Kodak TMaxx, Ilford HP4, HP5 to name a few popular black and white films and will continue to do so depending on the look I am going for.

The first time I tried this film, I don’t know if it was the film itself or the scan, even though it has a moiré pattern, I love love love the result, the direction of the light draws me in to the subject. To me it’s a very haunting image of a time long ago but was taken today.

However, in this specific case, I wanted to try this super grain film out again and oh boy, do I love it. I have been working on a mini series of “farm life on film”, not as easy as I thought it would be, farm animals especially chickens move fast, but you never know what you’ll capture.

I mean, don’t these images just make you happy? Film and the smartest goat jumping through a hula-hoop!

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