Photo’ing Indoors

Photo’ing Indoors

Over the weekend I photographed an event of a brand new tasting room. It sure was a lot of fun and very delicious. Woodinville sure has a lot of cool tasting rooms opening up. Doing my due diligence with documenting the event and people enjoying life on digital, it was good energy and happiness.

Moody music, remarkable wine, tasty food and good company, it’s the little things that make it!

CineStill 50

Of course I had to bring my film camera to try to see if I could capture indoor shots. I really enjoyed listening to this band, The Apollo Trio.

I haven’t really attempted to photograph indoors, because of my fear of not enough light and if using a flash, having the results of hot spots and harsh contrast. Fortunately, I was able to attach a speed light to my film camera and hoped for the best. When I got my film back from the lab, I was absolutely crushed that some of them didn’t turn out. I was definitely under exposed, but I managed to get a couple of decent exposures that weren’t too muddy.

In this expensive lesson, I realize it is going to cost me more (but please don’t tell my husband, ha!), as of right now I am on a mission to try and conquer indoor film photography in dark lighting conditions. I know it’s not something new, but it is new to me.

As a learning lesson, I needed to use a light meter for the low light conditions. I should consider over-exposing by 2-3 stops, and I also should’ve used a higher film speed, like 400…

I used CineStill 50 which probably wasn’t the best to use. Oh, and I forgot to tell the lab to push the recommended stop.

You be the judge….