A belated May Day

May Day known as Anarchists’ Day

Sixteen days into May and a little late on this blogue, but it took forever to get my film back from the lab. When I mean it took forever, it took 8 whole days! Lately there has been a surge on film development, another story for another post.

I’ve lived east of Seattle for about 20 years and this was my first year I was in downtown Seattle for work on the May Day protest. Leaving work about 2:30pm that afternoon, I needed to catch my bus ride home, and I have never seen such a crowd that early. I always bring my Rollei everywhere I go, because I never know what will inspire me. Well, not only was I inspired, I was very much confused over this kerfuffle going on. So many causes from Anti-Government, to Free Speech to protesting Day Light Savings (I’m not sure on the last one, but it wouldn’t surprise me). This led me to do some research on the evolution of the original May Day.  Here’s to the industrial workers in the late 1800’s for demanding that 8 hour work day. I can’t imagine working a 10-12 hour day. Ha! I won’t get into debate or opinion over the issue.

The best part of the 30 minutes waiting for my bus was the fact the younger people there saw me photographing with my 1954 Rollei and thought it was an antique looking modern digital. Basically, I felt cool in the moment, as lot of photographers documenting the harsh words of people debating ended up asking me if they could photograph me and my camera. I should’ve given them my information. So hey! If any Seattle peeps were there that day and happened to photograph me with my Rollei camera? Let me know!

Here is your 2018 May Day anarchists that was much ado about nothing.

A Great Big Thank You Seattle PD for keeping all safe!

Kodak Ektar Rolleicord
Seattle PD photographed on Kodak Ektar
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