After a long rainy season, there was a break in this gloomy month of January with a little warmth from the sun.

I’ve been M.I.A. in my photographing in the new year, due to a few life changes. Who knew menopause plus a job loss would rock my world. I’m still suffering through anxiety, depression and figuring out where I fit in in this big old world, but I continue to find holistic relief where I can. One of treatments being pinhole. This slowed down process lets me find joy again and reflect what my goals are for the future as an artist while possibly leaving a career with no growth behind me in the rear view mirror.

I want this second stage of my life to be better than the first.

5 minute exposure

I would say most people resonate emotion with art. Why is that? We go through these changes and try to make sense of these fragmented times in our lives.

Taking my pinhole camera out about for a walk on Cottage Lake, loaded with three sheets of film. I wanted to see what I could capture in this beautiful breezy moment. For me it’s cathartic.

6 minute exposure

Here is to healing days ahead with the help of a good clean diet, exercise, some film, developer and fixer.

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