Ghost Tour & the Orb

It being a slow start of portrait season, I’ve had some free time lately to do some reflecting and just thinking. Thinking about obscure stuff. I tend to watch those paranormal shows like A Haunting, Ghost Adventures and Dead files to name a few. I find those shows entertaining and thought provoking. I think about life after death and the whole “meaning of life” questions. There are a lot of ghost stories out there, though I have never experienced anything with the supernatural, I ponder the thought, “are some ghosts or spirits wandering among the living?”

Port Gamble Cemetery

I think about my mom a lot since her passing. I wonder if she hears me? Sees me? Is guiding me?

Fun fact, is my mom did grow up in a haunted house. She never really spoke of her experiences other than it scared the bejesus out of her. Other family members have witnessed and also experienced the spirits in my grandparent’s house as well. It was said there was an old woman and a little girl.  Though I spent many of my childhood days there, I never experienced such encounters.

What brought on this thought of ghost stories is, a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook and I immediately became intrigued. It was Port Gamble’s The Walker-Ames House and I commented on her post that I want to go do the tour!

Not knowing the number of people who would be in attendance, I really didn’t expect to experience anything creepy or unusual per se, but deep down I was hoping to. Any who, we met with our tour guide, and he regaled us with story-telling, whilst standing, and walking. We started our tour in the historic museum which was very cool, then worked our way up to the local cemetery which was even cooler because we got to walk the grounds in the dark! Lucky for us, there was a wedding reception in the building that is alongside the cemetery it was fun listening to the “Macarena” while looking at headstones with flashlights in hand. What an interesting juxtaposition of life if you ask me.

The highlight of the tour was being able to go inside the Walker-Ames House and hearing its history and the people who lived in that home. It is a beautiful Victorian home with stunning textiles and woodwork. I was hoping to experience a presence. Alas, there was none to be had, I was a little bummed, but I appreciated the grandeur of the home.

After sorting through my images, I noticed something that was odd that I captured. I noticed an orb. What is an orb? I hear that terminology a lot with ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. So checking with the inter-webs, I look up the term. The technical definition is a noun: any of the concentric spheres in old astronomy surrounding the earth and carrying the celestial bodies in their revolutions. But what does it mean in ghost or spirit terms? I have no clue. I don’t know what I captured but either way it’s rad as there were no other anomalies in the rest of the images, nor did I feel the energy at the home. There was more action at the cemetery, Macarena and all.

If you’re a pro paranormal expert, what are your thoughts on the orb?