Spring Break Pinhole

Well this was a fun trip and exercise of developing color negative film.

When you live in a rainy state, I always appreciate the sunny getaways when I can. For Spring break this year, my family spent a few warm and sunny days in SoCal.

Self Portrait Processed with VSCO

I brought some film and my little Diana F+ however, I really never got the hang of using it, because of the way the film winds and sometimes I’m impatient with myself without really knowing that I am. I really need to find patience with myself.

Anyway, this was my second attempt at developing color negative film. I photographed using 120 Cinestill film (which I love by the way) I used Arista C-41 developer.

In using my little fun plastic camera, I did some fun pinhole at Balboa Pier and one of my favorite places to get centered which is in San Juan Capistrano.

I think I worked out the kinks with my Diana F+ and can’t wait to do more. As a bonus while with my family in Laguna Beach, I didn’t know I was in the presence of Austin Keene and friends. They sure do make skim surfing easy!